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I was having neck pain and numbness and pain in my arms for months.  Medication was not helping anymore and I was told I may need surgery.  Because my job is physical I was worried about not being able to work and possibly going on disability or having to find another job.  Several weeks later after going in to Andresen Active Healthcare and I am not having any symptoms.  The in office treatment and the home exercises have helped me tremendously.  Thank you.


I am a police officer and have been suffering from mid and low back pain for quite some time.  It was affecting my ability to do my job.  Several visits and I am pain free.  My symptoms do not affect my job performance anymore.  I choose to go in from time to time now to keep things well.  I highly recommend this office.


I am 71 years old.  I had low back pain for years and have tried many different treatments with little to no results.  I met the Dr at an expo earlier this year.  My first treatment was 3-2-12.  On 3-16-12 I can feel changes throughout my body, my posture is improving, and I am pain free most days.  I'm so glad that I took the big step of coming to this office.

Patsy S.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease (severe dizziness).  My MD put me on medication and told me that I may need to be medicated the rest of my life.  My dizzy spells and the side effects from the meds were so severe that I could not work or drive a car for saftey reasons.  After talking with my husband I decided to try alternative forms of treatment.  I found Dr. Andresen who examined me and told me that he would find the best course of treatment for me.  He took the time with me before starting treatment to find the best one for me.  After starting care, I experienced immediate results and steady improvement.  I am happy to say that I am back to being symptom free, working full time, driving myself, and medication free.  Thank you Dr. Andresen and to your staff.  I would recommend Dr. Andresen to anyone with similar symptoms.  P.S.  He also helped me with neck and back soreness along the way.

Karla S.

I have been suffering with headaches and neck pain on and off for the last 10 years.  I have been on meds for almost that long.  I have been seeing Dr Andresen for the last month.  I have not had a headache or neck pain in the last 2 weeks which is the longest span in the last several years.  I am also not having to take my meds!

Dustin I.

Due to multiple injuries from 3 separate accidents, I have been to many different Chiropractors through the years and Dr. Andresen is definitely one of the best there is.  I know how important it is to find a good Chiropractor because I have been to bad ones before.  From those horrible experiences I have learned that a good Chiropractor:takes x-rays when needed, explains why he is doing things, encourages you to ask questions and takes the time to answer them, performs reevaluation when needed and adapts his treatments accordingly, and teaches you ways to increase your healing ablility in between appointments.

Elaine J.

I have suffered from migraine headaches for many years and was hospitalized because of them. After being treated with multiple medications I investigated Chiropractic care. Dr. Andresen helped discover the root cause of my headaches and developed a treatment plan. Through his excellent care over the years my quality of life has improved to the point where I no longer require medication. Dr. Andresen is respopnsive when additional treatment is needed while being caring and understanding.

Jeff K.

I am 43 years old and never had any neck or back problems - even though I played football beyond college. Then, this past winter, I started to have such pain in my left shoulder/back area, that it was affecting my sleep & prohibiting me from golfing...not an option!
So, I went to a trusted colleague of mine (another Dr) who referred me to Andresen Active Healthcare. I immediately starting experiencing results & pain relief. Within a short period of time (roughly 2 months) I was completely pain-free!!! I was so happy/impressed with Dr. Andresen & his practice, that I've already referred several personal contacts of mine...including my own wife!
For anyone looking for a chiropractor in the Elgin area, I whole-heartedly endorse Dr. Craig Andresen & Andresen Active Healthcare!

Scott H.

I had a bulging disc in my neck confirmed by an MRI that an orthopedic surgeon said required cervical spine surgery.  I wanted to try other options so I came to Dr. Andresen to see if he could help.  Dr. Andresen tried chiropractic care, exercises and stretches, and decompression therapy.  Several months later I had a follow up MRI and it showed that the bulging disc in my neck had shrunk significantly.  My orthopedic surgeon now feels that I do not require surgery.  I highly suggest and recommend coming to Andresen Active Healthcare when it comes to getting treatment for spinal disc bulges.

John S.

Dr. Andresen has helped my 8 year old daughter beyond measure!! I started bringing her to see Dr. Andresen because she was having abdominal pain for the past several months. She had been to other doctors, including an allergist and GI specialist. After these doctors' tests came back "normal", I took her to see Dr. Andresen since my daughter was still having a lot of abdominal pain. Dr. Andresen was extremely gentle and explained everything to her and he actually found a misalignment in her spine to explain the abdominal pain. Her pain has been drastically reduced after only a few visits. She is back to her old self and her favorite doctors are now chiropractors and she looks for ward to her adjustments!! I also brought her to see Dr. Andresen when she was diagnosed with an ear infection. The last thing my husband and I wanted to do was put her on an antibiotic after all the abdominal pain.trouble she had been experiencing. So, instead of filling the prescription, I took her straight to Dr. Andresen's office. Her sore throat and ear pain quickly went away!! I wish I had known chiropractors can help with ear infections and sinus congestion in kids long ago!!!!

Kelly O.

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