Sciatica And Sciatica Nerve Pain

Back pain is a common problem, and one that impacts millions. It’s also something that can have a major impact on your life and that can often feel like it’s unbeatable. But with the right treatment methods, getting the upper hand on sciatica is possible and could help you get your life back and escape from sciatica nerve pain for good.

What Is Sciatica? Sciatica is a generalized medical term that refers to a kind of pain that travels along the path of the sciatic nerve. This nerve branches out from the lower back and runs through the hips  and buttocks, then makes its way down each leg.

Symptoms of Sciatica Nerve Pain Most who suffer from sciatica nerve pain will only experience it on one side of the body. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Pain that radiates form the lower spine to the buttock or down the leg.
  • Feelings of sharp burning sensations
  • Feelings of tingling or a sensation almost like an electrical shock in the leg or buttock
  • Numbness
  • Pain in one part of the leg and numbness in another

Those who suffer form sciatica nerve pain will generally feel discomfort anywhere along the path of the nerve, but in most cases it will follow a path from the lower back down through the buttock and into the legs.

The pain can be managed in some cases, but in other situations it can leave sufferers struggling to go through their life and can reduce quality of life dramatically.

Treatment For Sciatica Nerve Pain Suffering from sciatica nerve pain can make your life very uncomfortable. But, there are some solutions that can be used to get relief. Some of the main ones include the following. 

  • Use home exercises and stretches to provide pain relief. Your chiropractor or medical professional can give you instructions on what stretches bring the best relief.
  • Maintain good posture. This can help prevent sciatica and can also help alleviate symptoms if you’re already suffering from it.
  • See a chiropractor for regular care. Sciatica is generally caused by pressure placed on the sciatic nerve by bulging discs. A chiropractor can help reduce the swelling and inflammation, which in turn can alleviate the pain.
  • Medication – Nobody should rely on medication to live their life pain-free. This applies to those with sciatica as well. Medication can be used to manage pain at first, but finding a long-term solution is much more important. 


Talking to a chiropractor is one of the first steps to getting relief from sciatica, and could be the best way to keep yourself pain-free and reclaim your life. If you’ve been suffering from sciatica, it’s important to speak to a professional chiropractor as soon as you can to start getting relief and get your life back. 




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