How Does Your Back Pain Interfere With Your Life?

Image - A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

Does your back pain interfere with what you want and need to do in your daily life?

One of the first questions that you will be asked in our office is "How is your back pain affecting your life?"

We would follow up with:

  • If you did not have this issue what would you do more of?
  • If you did nothing about it what do you think would happen? 

The reason why we ask these initial questions is to help you get back to doing the things that you enjoy and need to do to take care of your family, work and, ultimately, be happy.

Your spine, and it's mis-alignment, is commonly the culprit in the cause of your back pain. Working through a series of regular adjustments, specific stretches and exercises tailored to your weaknesses and imbalances, will help your back pain resolve.   

In our office you are a person, not just a set of symptoms that need to be cured. 99% of the people who walk through our doors will achieve the enjoyment of returning to the activities of daily life. The other 1% waited too long to try to solve their back pain issues. Don't wait too long!

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