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3 Ways You May Not Know Your Chiropractor Can Help Your Body

Most people know a chiropractor can help with neck problems and back pain issues such as a backache or car accident pain, but did you know a chiropractor can also help with other health issues? Your DC (Doctor of Chiropractic) undergoes considerable training to help patients with physical issues other than lower back problems or backache pain. Your DC can help you from your head to your toes. Here are three examples:

  1. Regular headaches, including migraines, can be debilitating. After seeing your general practitioner to rule out obvious causes, why not visit a chiropractor? Studies show, according to The American Chiropractic Association, that manipulation of the spine, including chiropractic massage therapy, may help with headaches originating in the neck, as well as migraines and tension headaches. Read more about chiropractic help for headaches here.

  1. Do you have digestive system issues? A chiropractor may be able to help. The nervous system is tied intimately with the digestive system through the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve, among its other functions, controls all organs involved with digestion. This important nerve starts at the atlas, the first vertebra of the cervical spine, behind the neck. Alignment of the neck and spine during a chiropractic appointment can bring relief for various digestive difficulties.

  1. Are you off balance? The many nerves that run through the spine and body are involved with balance. Neck and back subluxations may interfere with these nerves and thus, your equilibrium. When your chiropractor aligns your back or neck, he may be able to help correct these nerves and help keep you steady.  

As you can see, even if you don’t have back problems, such as back bone pain or a back ache, a chiropractic appointment can provide even more bodily benefits.

With a convenient office in Elgin, Andresen Active Healthcare can be your go-to DC, and start you on your path to better health—from head to toe. Contact our office today!

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