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Is Too Much Desk and Screen Time a Headache?

Who hasn't had a headache? They're extremely common among adults, and usually occasional. But with the growing number of hours most of us spend sitting, whether at a desk and computer for work or on a couch with a tablet for leisure, primary headaches are ever more likely to be suffered.

A “primary” headache is when the pain in your head itself is the condition, that is, the headache isn’t being caused by something else like illness or allergies. 95% of headaches are primary, and consist of such symptoms as:

  • Slow onset

  • Pain on both sides of head, back of head, or neck

  • Dull pressure, like a band or vice around the head

  • Mild to moderate (not severe) pain

Your brain tissue does not contain pain-sensitive nerves, so it's your scalp, face, neck, and shoulders that are hurting – often because of the tension and stress put on your muscles and joints from the time spent in a fixed position in front of a screen.

Even if you must sit for long periods of time, the discomfort of a tension headache may be avoidable.

  • Take frequent breaks to stretch and move, at least once an hour but preferably more often. Take a walk or try some low-impact exercise.

  • Use an office chair with ergonomic support and, importantly, maintain an upright posture. Don't slouch, hunch, or lean forward.

  • Do not clench your jaw.

  • Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of non-sugary fluids, like water, tea, or broth.

  • Maintain regular mealtimes.

  • Visit us for regular chiropractic adjustments!

Research has shown that spinal manipulation may be effective relief for headaches that originate in the neck. Adjustments can reduce muscle tension that cause the headaches, restore proper communication of the nervous system, and improve circulation.

After an adjustment, some patients experience results quickly, while others notice a decline in symptoms over time. Everyone is different, and we can help in determining the root cause of a headache in order to best relieve and correct it, whether by spinal alignments, therapeutic massage, or adjustments in lifestyle or diet.

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